Full Conference Program

CWRA 2017 Program

Monday June 5th
      Monday - 5 June 2017      
Speakers Breakfast
Delegates' Continental Breakfast
Welcome - Conference Chair (10 min)
Welcome - CWRA President - Dave Murray (10 min)
Coments - AWRA President
Keynote - David Percy (30 minutes)
Keynote - Bob Sanford (30 min)
Keynote - Robert Laboucane on FN Perspectives (30 minutes)
Break (30 minutes)
11:00 Session 1A
Institutional and Legal Arrangements for Water Management 1
Session 1B
Water Quality 1 - Water Quality in the Great Lakes
Session 1C
CSHS Modelling 1
Session 1D
Prairie Hydrology 1
Session 1E
Bi-National Agreements - Sharing the Water Over the Canada-USA Border
  Alexandre Lillo Seth Foldy James Craig Paul Whitfield Paul Allen  
  Affinity or Discord? Exploring the Compatibility of Watershed Management and Constitutional Law in Canada Protecting Human Health from Great Lakes Cyanotoxins - Emerging Concerns Decision Crash Testing: Assessing and Improving Model Skill for Informing Management Decisions Patterns of Spatial Change in Canadian Prairie Hydrology The Treaty and the Commission - Keeping the Peace in Shared Waters  
11:30 Mike Renouf Bereket Negasi Isaac Masoud Zaerpour John Diiwu Reed Benson (TBC)  
  The Prairie Provinces Water Board's Efforts to Develop and Maintain Methods for Determining the Equitable Apportionment of Transboundary Streams and Lakes on the Canadian Prairies Discourse Around Nutrient Problem in Western Basin of Lake Erie A Fully Spatial Stochastic Reconstruction Framework for Analysis of Water Resource System Vulnerability to Potential Changes in Streamflow Regime An Integrated Tool for Watershed Protection under Changing Climate in Alberta TBD  
Lunch (90 minutes)
Award Presentations: (1) Ken Thompson Scolarship Award
(2) Memorial Scholarship Award, (3) CWRA Scholarship Awards (x 2)
Presentation by Dillon Scholarship Winner
Session 2A
Arctic/Northern Waters 1
Session 2B
Water Quality 2 - Water Quality in Riverine Environments
Session 2C
CSHS Modelling 2
Session 2D
Prairie Hydrology 2
Session 2E
Institutional and Legal Arrangements for Water Management 2
Carmen de la Chevrotière Nadine Taube Kelsey Cartwright KuangYin (Bill) Zhao Kristin Bruce  
  Alberta-Northwest Territories Bilateral Management Agreement Nutrient Distribution between Different Compartments of a Wastewater Treatment-Effluent Impacted River Before and After a Major Flood Event Inter- and Intra-annual Consistency of Seasonal Snowpack Properties using Conventional Snow Data and Airborne LiDAR Regional Flood Coefficients at Prairie Pothole Area in Manitoba A Study of Saskatchewan's Water Governance - Has Anything Changed?  
14:00 Mike Wilton Nancy Martin Étienne Gaborit Jennifer Regier Judy Stewart  
  Diversions - Redirecting Arctic Waters - Dream or Nightmare? A Detailed Accounting of Direct TP Loadings to the Bow River Mainstem Including Urban and Rural Sources Simulation of Terrestrial Flows with GEM-Hydro to Improve the Representation of Physical Processes in Hudson Bay Direct Measurements of Evaporation from Prairie Reservoirs: Progress Towards Improving Evaporation Estimation Techniques Integrated Watershed Management in the Bow River Basin - A Brief Overview of Approaches, Challenges and Successes  
Poster Presentations and Break (90 minutes)
16:00 Session 3A
International Experiences in Transboundary Water Sharing
Session 3B
Water Quality 3 - Biology Doesn't Recognize Boundaries
Session 3C
CSHS Modelling 3
Session 3D
Prairie Hydrology 3
Session 3E
Evolving Policy and Regulation
  Nicolas Avisse Jay White Alida Thiombiano Fisana Unduche Joey Hurley  
  The Yarmouk River Flow Collapse: Climate Change, Violation of the 1987 Bilateral Agreement or Miscalculated Joint Decisions? Threats of Aquatic Invasive Species in Alberta Development of a Hybrid Generalized Pareto Model for the Frequency Analysis of Extremes in Hydrology Effect of Data Assimilation and Uncertainty on Flood Forecasting - A Case Study on a Prairie Watershed Adaptive Risk-Based Policy and Guidelines for Wastewater Reuse and Stormwater Use in Alberta  
16:30 Thibaut Lachaut Barry Olson Hasab-Ul Alam Chowdhury Kevin Shook Sophia Yee  
  Water Supply Long Term Vulnerability in Highly Stressed Regions: A Multi-Agent Analysis of Jordanian Cities Developing a Method to Control Invasive Mussles in Alberta's Irrigation Infrastructure Watershed Delineation of the Humber River Basin in Newfoundland Development of a Conceptual Model of the Hysteric Relationship between Water Storage and the Contributing Fraction for large-Scale Models of Prairie Basins Varying Provincial Water Regulations and Issues Facing the Evolving UCOG Sector  
Exhibitor Hosted Meet-and-Greet
BBQ (Off-site)
Tuesday June 6th
Wednesday June 7th

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